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Together with their team they have attended over 20 auctions in the past year and accomplished something in the Investing industry that neither has seen or done anywhere else: They’ve invested in markets that they had no prior knowledge about, and within a month had students successfully buying property with them at under 50% of the market value. Here’s the inside scoop: Dustin Hahn has paired his experience with his business partner Dutch’s knowledge, to create The Tax Lien Certificate School (Soon to be 2Vest).
The answer is no. It is because liens vary in priority and types. Priority is very important. A good example of this is a first lien mortgage on a property. Moreover, a lender who is holding a senior lien in the form of a mortgage on a property has the right to repayment of its… The repayment is typically acquired through the proceeds of a mortgage foreclosure sale or tax lien auctions. In case you don’t know, foreclosure relinquishes all interests in the property that are junior to that mortgage.